Providence Catholic High School is a Roman Catholic secondary school located in New Lenox, Illinois. Jesus Christ is the reason for our school. We are a... Prayerful community of believers, striving to be one mind, one heart in God. We live and teach the gospel of Jesus with a strong sense of family. Together we worship, celebrate, learn and share our faith in Christ as the source of our love, compassion and strength. College preparatory school. We enhance the lives of our young people through a focused curriculum which develops their full human potential, nurtures a positive self-image, and guides them to strive for excellence. Students become life-long learners who move beyond knowledge to wisdom, beyond information to truth. Healthy environment for spirit, mind and body. We provide a wide range of experiences both curricular and extracurricular that enhance a sense of belonging and well-being. We empower students to embrace the future with confidence, competence, faith and hope. Service oriented community. In serving God and others, students show the dignity and respect due human life. Made in the image and likeness of God, and under Christ's guidance, we answer the call to become disciples.