Hyaluronic Acid is a natural sugar molecule -known as a polysaccharide or a glycosaminoglycan, found in almost all species in various parts of the body. Its highest concentration is found in the synovial fluid of our joints also in our skin and eyes. High concentrations exist especially in the knee joint as the knee joint is the major weight-bearing joint in our body. In the joint spaces, it acts as a lubricant and cushions the joint. It also acts as a “scaffold protein”, which allows our own or injected stem cells (into our joints for osteoarthritis or degenerative arthritis), to have a structured mesh to cling to. Hyaluronic Acid greatly enhances the efficacy of some other therapies, especially in the knees. Our treatment is delivered by joint injection. Typically, there are a series of five weekly injections. Some experience relief after one injection and usually by the 3rd injection but five weekly injections are strongly recommended. Our patients have reported excellent results for joint pain, arthritis and many other conditions.

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