YOUR LOCAL RESOURCE FOR HEALTHCARE SERVICESSERVING YOU FROM 26 LOCATIONS!Morris Hospital Ottawa Campus1306 Gemini Circle,Se. 1 815-433-9200Family Medioine, Pediatwics, Labonatory)YORKVILLEMorris Hospital Yorkville Campus105 Saravanos Dr, 630-553-8200BRAIDWOOD:Braidwood Healthcare CenterDWIGHT:Cardiovascular Specialists151 West High St-Lower Level15-705-1000 (Cardobgy)Morris Hospital Pediatrióans151 West High St.-Upper Level815-705-3300 (PediatricMormis Hospital Neurology Specialists1499 Lakewood Dr. UnitI 815-942-4506Dwight Healthcare Centerof Moris Hospital-Prairie Avenve101 5. Prairie Ave. 815-584-3291Family Medicine, CardiologyMorris Hespital & Healthcare CentersMain Hospital Campus)150 West High St. 815-942-2932Radiation Therapy Centerof Morris Hosgi389E.Main St.815-458-2532CHANNAHON:Dwight Healthcare Centerof Moeris Hospital John Street103s.lohn St. 81530S1mediate Cane, Occupational MedioineFamily Medicine, Obstetrics &GynecologPediis,Allerg, Ptysical Therapy.Labonotory Xvay, Uiltrasound, Cscan)Morris Hospital Ridge Road Campus7240 W.Sony Dr. 815-521-1500mmediate Care Oupational Medicine, FamilyMedicine, Internal MediinePediatrics, Obstetrics&Gymecology,Cardiology Allergy, Physical Therapy.Oenupational Therapy LoboraroryXroy, isound CT Scan,Mammography, Bone Density)Channahon Healthcare Centerof Moreris Hospital25259 Reed St. 815-467-0555Famly Medicine, RheumatologyEndocrinologe NeurologyCOAL CITY:Diagnostic& Rehabilitative Centerof Morris Hospital100 Gere Rd. 815-364-8919mmediate Care, Occupational Medicine, Laboro 1802 N. Diwision St, Ste. 703tory N-nay, Ptysical&Okcupational Theropy815-9418000 (lntenal Medicine)Momis Business&Technology CenterGARDNER:Gardner Healthcare Centerof Morris Hospital409N.Route 53 815-237-0413NEWARK:Rehoblitation, Palmonary Rehobilitation)Newark Healthcare CenterMoris Healthcare Centerof Morris Hospital-Edwards Street1345 N. Edwards St815-942-9299 (Rheumatology815-942-1421 interolMedicine)Morris Healthcare Center ofMorris Hespital East Route 6425 E. US. Route 6 815-942-8080MARSEILLES:of Moris Hospital5 N.Johnson St. 815-695-5042Marsellles Healthcare CenterMORRISHOSPITAI580 Sycamore St. 815-795-2122internal Medicine, PediatricsOTTAWA:Morris Hospital Obstetries& Gynecology Specialists300 Starfire Dr 815-324-9700MAZONMazon Healthcare CenterCoal City Healthcare Center of& HEALTHCARE CENTERS4 East Noeth Sree 815-518-5755Pedlatrics, Family Medicne)Morris Hespital Obstetrics&522 Depot St. 815 448-2423237W.Waverly St. 815-941-0441Family Physióans of Coal City935 E.Division St. 815-634-8477abovatory1404 Aquarius Cinde,Suite A815-705-1000andiology)Extraordinary CareMinooka Healthcare Center603 W Mondamin St 815-521-1010

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Morris Hospital

Medical / Hospitals

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YOUR LOCAL RESOURCE FOR HEALTHCARE SERVICES SERVING YOU FROM 26 LOCATIONS! Morris Hospital Ottawa Campus 1306 Gemini Circle,Se. 1 815-433-9200 Family Medioine, Pediatwics, Labonatory) YORKVILLE Morris Hospital Yorkville Campus 105 Saravanos Dr, 630-553-8200 BRAIDWOOD: Braidwood Healthcare Center DWIGHT: Cardiovascular Specialists 151 West High St-Lower Level 15-705-1000 (Cardobgy) Morris Hospital Pediatrióans 151 West High St.-Upper Level 815-705-3300 (Pediatric Mormis Hospital Neurology Specialists 1499 Lakewood Dr. UnitI 815-942-4506 Dwight Healthcare Center of Moris Hospital-Prairie Avenve 101 5. Prairie Ave. 815-584-3291 Family Medicine, Cardiology Morris Hespital & Healthcare Centers Main Hospital Campus) 150 West High St. 815-942-2932 Radiation Therapy Center of Morris Hosgi 389E.Main St.815-458-2532 CHANNAHON: Dwight Healthcare Center of Moeris Hospital John Street 103s.lohn St. 81530S1 mediate Cane, Occupational Medioine Family Medicine, Obstetrics &Gynecolog Pediis,Allerg, Ptysical Therapy. Labonotory Xvay, Uiltrasound, Cscan) Morris Hospital Ridge Road Campus 7240 W.Sony Dr. 815-521-1500 mmediate Care Oupational Medicine, Family Medicine, Internal Mediine Pediatrics, Obstetrics&Gymecology, Cardiology Allergy, Physical Therapy. Oenupational Therapy Loborarory Xroy, isound CT Scan, Mammography, Bone Density) Channahon Healthcare Center of Moreris Hospital 25259 Reed St. 815-467-0555 Famly Medicine, Rheumatology Endocrinologe Neurology COAL CITY: Diagnostic& Rehabilitative Center of Morris Hospital 100 Gere Rd. 815-364-8919 mmediate Care, Occupational Medicine, Laboro 1802 N. Diwision St, Ste. 703 tory N-nay, Ptysical&Okcupational Theropy815-9418000 (lntenal Medicine) Momis Business&Technology Center GARDNER: Gardner Healthcare Center of Morris Hospital 409N.Route 53 815-237-0413 NEWARK: Rehoblitation, Palmonary Rehobilitation) Newark Healthcare Center Moris Healthcare Center of Morris Hospital-Edwards Street 1345 N. Edwards St 815-942-9299 (Rheumatology 815-942-1421 interolMedicine) Morris Healthcare Center of Morris Hespital East Route 6 425 E. US. Route 6 815-942-8080 MARSEILLES: of Moris Hospital 5 N.Johnson St. 815-695-5042 Marsellles Healthcare Center MORRIS HOSPITAI 580 Sycamore St. 815-795-2122 internal Medicine, Pediatrics OTTAWA: Morris Hospital Obstetries & Gynecology Specialists 300 Starfire Dr 815-324-9700 MAZON Mazon Healthcare Center Coal City Healthcare Center of & HEALTHCARE CENTERS 4 East Noeth Sree 815-518-5755 Pedlatrics, Family Medicne) Morris Hespital Obstetrics& 522 Depot St. 815 448-2423 237W.Waverly St. 815-941-0441 Family Physióans of Coal City 935 E.Division St. 815-634-8477 abovatory 1404 Aquarius Cinde,Suite A 815-705-1000 andiology) Extraordinary Care Minooka Healthcare Center 603 W Mondamin St 815-521-1010