With COVID, we've had to make many adaptations! We're excited to announce a great new class--the 30-Minute Power Class! This class allows you to get in, work out, and get out! NASM certified trainers will lead you through a powerful workout focused on form, technique, understanding engagement of muscles and understanding heart rate and effects in the workout! It's a mix of personal training and small group fitness! If you're looking to improve your immunity and mental health--this class is IT! Call or stop by today! R.E.A.P. Fitness, in Channahon, IL, is the area's leading fitness center serving Minooka, Channahon, Shorewood, Plainfield, Morris, Coal City and surrounding areas. We specialize in circuit training, interval training, step-fit classes, Spinning®, athletic training, sports athletic development, core training, yoga and much more. For more information, contact R.E.A.P. Fitness in Channahon.